December 25, 2013

Happily Ever After

Topper Ann Taylor, Scarf Katina's, Jeans Miss Me, Boots Hunter, Glasses Prada, Jewelry MK, JCrew

For those of you who have been following along, you've probably seen my little hints to this post coming.  I have decided to end my fashion blog at this time.  I have thought about it a lot.  My decision has actually been in the making for about six months.  I have been going back and forth and finally, on this lovely holiday, I am calling it quits.  I have had a lot of fun (basically with myself, ha!) but now it is time to move onto other things.  I am giving myself an out in case I ever want to come back, but for now I'm done.  You know, My "Normal" Style can be about a lot of things, not just fashion.  It can mean fashion, but also interior design, house hunting, fitness, my lifestyle in general or maybe all of the above.  I may post randomly, and you never know, maybe I will return.

So, I want to keep this scrap book going even if it is about other things in my little world.  Or, maybe this is it.  I don't know...  I'll have to figure that out.  Honestly, I'm ready to stop buying so many clothes and jewels just to keep this alive and fresh.  I will always enjoy my fashion world and I will always keep up my image.  I am not, however, going to document it all the time.  I hope you've enjoyed my journey as much as I have!!!
For now though, I hope we all live "Happily Ever After"...

December 23, 2013

nothing but love

Tee H&M, Jeans Miss Me, Shoes don't remember, Glasses Prada, Jewelry Katina's, JCrew

In the midst of all of this cold, snow, and ice, I wanted to bring back summer.
We can dream!  If only for a day!

December 20, 2013

Weekly Obsession, Peacoat

images 1/2/3

Peacoats are nothing new.  They have been around for years, but this is what I'm obsessing about for this week or two.  I bought one the other day, and you know what I did???  I loved it so much I got it tailored so the arms are the perfect length.  I think this is the first time I've gotten something tailored by a professional.  After I picked it up, I thought heck yeah that was worth it!

By the way, this is my last weekly obsession.  So, what this means is that you probably won't see my new coat on here.  More on that next week.

Oh another thing, I bought my hubby one too!

December 19, 2013


A lot of items from just about everywhere I shop.  RANDOM...

Also, about half way through, you can tell I take my own pictures : )

December 17, 2013

Shopping My Closet, Cuddled Up

Hat Unknown, Vest Rachel Zoe old, Shirt Loft, Jeans Miss Me, Boots DSW old, Glasses Prada, Jewelry Movado, My Niece, Effy, lia

There's nothing wrong with wearing what you have.  This is my theme this week, I guess.
See Monday's post...

A little pic below from instagram...  Warm Hearted!

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