December 20, 2013

Weekly Obsession, Peacoat

images 1/2/3

Peacoats are nothing new.  They have been around for years, but this is what I'm obsessing about for this week or two.  I bought one the other day, and you know what I did???  I loved it so much I got it tailored so the arms are the perfect length.  I think this is the first time I've gotten something tailored by a professional.  After I picked it up, I thought heck yeah that was worth it!

By the way, this is my last weekly obsession.  So, what this means is that you probably won't see my new coat on here.  More on that next week.

Oh another thing, I bought my hubby one too!


Emily Alfin Johnson said...

I know this is crazy - but I am nuts over that coat on the right - the tweedy herringbone peacoat with the orange scarf? Do you have ANY idea where it's from?!
I am loosing my mind over it!

Kadi said...

No sorry, I don't know... I got the image off of Pinterest. Maybe check there. Bummer though!

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