December 8, 2013

Indoor Bound

Sweater/Tank Katina's, Jeans Joes (Von Maur), Boots JJill, Jewelry Movado, Effy, lia

Everyone is complaining about how cold it is, and I guess I am the total exception.  These pictures are inside because it was night time.  If it was the day, I would be outside despite the colder temps.  I just took some outside yesterday and it was something like 10 out.  I would not, however, want to be outside for a long period of time, but five to ten minutes to take some photos is no problem to me.  I love the cold because I get to wear the outfits I adore...  layering, layering, layering is another motto of mine.

I am "indoor bound" sometimes during the summer months too.  Especially on those 100 degree plus days.  Typically, I can't stand being hot.  The cold though, I usually don't bark about it.  I love to be warm and snuggled up on a cold day and you WON'T see me doing that during the summer!!!

All this talk about being warm and cuddling, I just started craving a Scooters coffee...
Gotta Go!!!

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