November 8, 2013

Weekly Obsession, Jeans

These images are some I found on pinterst

I've always loved distressed jeans.  Baggy (1) and Skinny (4)...  I have both kinds.
A flare leg (2) is perfect, in my opinion.
We all know now that I dig my baggy (3) jeans.  It's something a little different!

click on this image to see these jeans for sale

I've never done a "jeans" post.  I don't know why, since it's all I wear.
These are the styles and brands I wear and why.

1.  True Religion:  The skinny ones don't really fit me that well because I'm not super little.  I do however, love the fit of the flare and boot cut styles.  I look for them on sale since that's the only way I can afford them.  Von Maur does have them on sale from time to time.  Sometimes it's just luck finding them, but when you find them, the hunt was worth it!

2.  Joe Jeans:  I have them from dark washes all the way to distressed.  I love to wear cute little tops with them to show the brand tag.  They make my rear look nice too...  Just sayin' : )

3.  Miss Me:  We all need a little bling from time to time.  These are perfect for that.  I do love the fit of all the styles (skinny, boot cut, baggy, etc...)

4:  Rock Revival:  These are probably my favorite jeans for skinny legs.  They seem heavier which holds me in.  I also love how they put two belt straps in the back.
Everyone should do this!

5:  I'm not familiar with these brands in particular.  I do though want to talk about distressed jeans and cuffing your jeans.  I've been wearing distressed jeans since I've been buying jeans for this hobby.  We all know I love dressy with distressed, and I probably always will!  Do I need to evolve from this???  The jury is still out ; )  Now, cuffing my jeans.  I am a fool for it.  My hubby on the other hand says it cuts me off and makes me look short and wide.  Maybe so, but I just can't seem to get away from it.  These two things are my "go to's".  Especially on weekends!

These are my own opinions about different brands and what feels good on me.  I hope if you take some of this to heart, you'll find the same.

As my motto goes:
I believe everyone should look stunning everyday.  Even if it is, just in JEANS!

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