November 15, 2013

Friday's Fashion, Flower Trench

Coat AnnTaylor, Tee/Jeans True Religion, Shoes HL, Bag MK, Jewelry Katina's, Effy, JCrew, Glasses Prada

You might have seen my instagram pic with this coat and I called it, "Splurge!"  You know why?  Because it was.  It was $200 and I got it on sale for around $65.  I thought I scored and I was pumped!  I believe the starting point was the splurge price but thankfully. I got it for the score price.  I hope it's not something I will tire of easily because I do think of it as a classic design.  I mean the style (trench) and the pattern (flowers) are both classics.

Back to my original thought...the splurge part!  I think I keep my spending under control because I try to buy budget friendly pieces.  You know. the ones that don't break the bank.  Some people's blogs I look at have upwards of $1000 for one piece.  Really, who can afford that?  Not me, that's for sure.  So when I say splurge, I don't think my "splurge" is really a splurge.  It's more of a practical purchase at a decent price point that will last for years to come.  I need my hubby to read this, and then he will understand that I always stay within budget, and don't go overboard.  I could go buy a pair of pants for $1000, or shoes for that matter.
However, I would never!!!

He proofreads my stuff, so we'll see what he thinks about all of this... :)

Happy Friday!  Remember, the outlet is open, so go shop and stay within budget!  I know I will!!!

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