November 25, 2013

Bell Sleeves

Shirt Katina's, Vest old (I think Gap), Jeans Big Star, Bag Brighton, Glasses Prada, Jewelry Chanel, lia, Boot DSW

The chevron like shirt from Katina's is from early spring, but for some reason, I like it now for fall/winter.  After I bought it, I thought I would wear the heck out of it, but I honestly didn't wear it for months.  I have another outfit ready to go, and this time, I layered it with a fur trimmed vest.  Kind of cute, so stick around to see it : )!!!  Also, I know my Katina's pieces are typically not something you can go to the store and buy right now, since it is a boutique.  You'd better believe me that if you go there, you will definitely leave with your own find or two.  Check her little store out because I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  You're Welcome Tina!  Just a shout out...  No this is not sponsored, just my own opinion.

If you go, tell her I sent ya.  She'll know who I am.  It's in West Omaha, in the Legacy Shops.  Google it!!!

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