October 31, 2013

Orange & Black

Sweater/Tank Loft old, Tee Katina's old, Jeans Big Star, Boots old, Glasses Coach, Jewelry custom, Effy

Aren't orange and black the most classic Halloween theme colors?  I was going to wear this today, but I took these last night.  I was trying to be a head of the game.  Well, this morning getting ready I could not bring myself to wear such a theme driven outfit, being Halloween and all.  I had great intentions, but nope, I am not wearing this today.  I just could not do a theme day.  I know I've said this before but I don't dress for the holiday.  Okay, maybe at Christmas time I have a few Santa shirts, and I do have some heart things.  Hmm, I also have a black Friday shirt (is that considered a holiday?), but that's about it.  Nevertheless, happy Halloween!

I will show you what I am wearing today.  If you check out my instagram it'll be there.  I am doing brown and white chevron.  A great fall combination!!!  I don't consider fall a theme.  It's more of a long moment in time.
Ya know?!?!

This was last year...

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