October 21, 2013

Leather Love

Shirt/Tank CAbi, Jeans old but most favorite, Shoes Von Maur, Bag MK, Jewelry Katina's, Movado, lia

I wore this to a play that my mom and I went to.  We made an observation that night.  The older crowd were dressed to the hilt.  The baby boomers were dressed nice, but not totally over the top.  For my generation, the feel was just more causal in general.  Some had on jeans (like me).  Finally, the young...  Let's just say it kept going down.  It went from the dressy, to business casual, to real casual.  I don't think that's a bad thing though because I love my jeans.  Dressing them up and feeling casual chic is kind of my thing.

My mom said she thought people probably looked at her and said, "Her daughter dressed her!"  We did look a like, but that's typical for us.  I am my mother's daughter!!! 

Leather Love

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