October 2, 2013

Fancy Fun

Shirt Katina's, Jeans Big Star, Bag Brighton, Shoes Von Maur, Sunnies Prada, Jewelry custom

This shirt is new to my blog but I actually bought it this early spring.  Until now, I have not worn it.  I think it's a tough one.  I'm thinking it's too crazy to wear to work.  I feel it's more of a going out and boogie shirt.  Now, I don't really do that anymore.  So, can you see my dilemma?  I actually got that opportunity the other day and I was so excited!  I had a great time just wearing it!  It made my day just because I had it on.

This is why I named it "Fancy Fun!"

By the way, I so want a Louis Vuitton...  Just wishful dreaming below!

Fancy Fun

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