October 12, 2013

Brisk Breeze

Sweater CAbi, Tee H&M, Jeans 7FAM (old), Boots old, Glasses Prada, Watch Movado

Happy Weekend!
It was super breezy the other day.  I could hardly control my hair.

Would you consider these jeans to be "mom" jeans?  I didn't buy them with that in mind, and actually I think the waist needs to be higher.  I know they are making a come back though.  Crazy I tell ya!  A random thought to help you along while you're shopping.  Something to keep in mind when looking for your next pair of jeans.  Ask yourself, "Should I do 'mom' jeans, or not?"

What's next, parachute pants with bandannas around your legs? ; )

Just an example below...  I wonder what they're talking about?!?

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