September 5, 2013

Thrifting My Closet

Tee MIH, Jeans my hubby's, Shoes Toms old, Bag Coach my mom's, Glasses Prada, Watch MK, Jewelry lia custom

This is my plan:  I am going to try not to shop until the CAbi sale in December.  I know this is going to be a huge feat for me.  However, I'll tell you why I'm not gonna shop.  I was going through my closet, and it literally overwhelmed me to no end.  I was looking at all of it, and decided instead of buying more I am going to wear out what I have until the point of sending it down the road.  I mean like donating it.  Then to top it off, I was going through my stuff in the basement (inventorying it for the end of the year) and could not believe what I was donating.  I mean come on.  So, when I was looking at all of that I decided to keep like fifteen pieces for the fall/winter.  Why do I keep buying?  I think I have a problem...  I'm a shopaholic!!!  Hello my name is Kadi and I'm a shopaholic!  I finally admitted it.  Woo, that feels better!

On a lighter note, my jeans I have on above were my hubby's he was donating.  I mean I would buy something like this from a second hand store.  Keeping...

My bag is a vintage Coach from my mom.  She's had it for years and gave it to me a while back.  When I was going through my purses, I forgot I had it.  How cute it is!  I'm totally going to carry it more.  Keeping...

Just a couple of my finds thrifting my closet.

Below I am showing more current pieces to replicate my outfit above.  I mean really, can you even tell mine above are old and vintage?  I think not!!!  I would buy my stuff all over again if I didn't know better.

Just Say'n!!!

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