September 8, 2013

This Sunday's Thoughts about Hanging at Home

Sweater Loft, Tee/Shorts Miss Me, Glasses Escada

I love being inside right now because our house is so cool.  Wearing a sweater is a definite!  As I wander outside, I have to take off my sweater and just be uncomfortable.  Talking about sweaters, the sweater below is not a cardigan, so I would wear this around my waist when outside.  When inside, it may be necessary to pull it on and just be comfy cozy.  My motto: Comfy Cozy.  When hanging at home that's the way to be.  Sweaters and all!

Happy Sunday!

Since I am taking a new approach to shopping, I've been home a lot.  Especially on the weekends!  I need a another hobby.  Any suggestions???  Besides exercise because I already do that.

Hanging at Home

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