September 2, 2013


Tee True Religion, Pants CAbi, Wedges HL, Glasses Coach, Watch Movado

I tell ya what.  I am ready to just relax today.  This past week has been crazy around here.  No, it hasn't been because I'm planning on going to NYFW... I wish!!!  I have figured something out about me.  When dealing with a loss or tragedy, I do projects to keep myself busy.  I cleaned out my closet, repainted it, reorganized, and I dove straight into it.  So as you can see, I am ready to wear something comfy cozy, and chill for this day before I head back to work.  Below are a couple of pics of my project.  I went from dark and drab to fun and happy.  I am really pleased!  I am going to take a cue from this room and do more of my home clean and crisp.  I am ready for a slight change to some of the features in our home.  I am ready for light and uplifting.

To me, it just seems less "cluttery", which I am totally striving for!  I also think with all my spring/summer clothes it feels more bright.  However, as I start adding my fall/winter clothes, it will feel more warm.

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