September 26, 2013

Front Tuck

Blouse Katina's, Jeans old, Shoes Guess, Bag Vera Bradley, Glasses Prada, Jewelry Mesh, lia, MK

Now, I know everybody thinks every piece of clothing needs to fit and be tailored to a tee.  Well, I don't!  I love to wear big jeans with a smaller shirt, or even one tucked in.  I think it still has great proportion.  Like they say, "Everything in moderation."  I probably wouldn't do a huge shirt and huge jeans, but  I would do a small shirt/jeans with the opposite on the other end.  Perfect, in my opinion!

Sometimes it just sounds good in theory.  I think you should try it sometime though.  If you need some help figuring it out, let me know.  I'm here for ya!!!


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