September 30, 2013

From the Weekend

Hat/Shoes Katina's, Shirt JCrew, Jeans old, Sunnies Prada, Bag Brighton, Jewelry MK, JCrew

I have had a lot going on in my little world called my life.  I want so badly to just put it in my diary called my My "Normal" Style.  I know though my hubby will read it and say, "Absolutely not!"  Sometimes I just want to tell  my soul to this computer, but I sit back and think... Nope!  He will probably say this is already too self revealing.  So anyways....

It's really hard to find things to wear for my photos when I haven't been shopping.  It's okay for a day or two, but more than that, I get bored.  I think I'm going to settle down on my posts until (1) the weather breaks and I can wear different styles & (2) I feel I can buy a thing or two to changes things up.

I'm going to a CAbi presentation on Tuesday and maybe that will bring my spirits back up...
I'll let ya know : ) 


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