August 27, 2013


Tee Skyz Boutique, Jeans CAbi (old), Shoes Ugg, Bag MK, Glasses Coach, Jewelry Movado, Effy, lia custom

It is almost the end of August.  With this in mind, I am starting to transition into more fall like colors.  You've probably been noticing I pulled out my mustard bag again (still a love of mine).  It really does add some color to more neutral ensembles.  I have also found lots of ways to wear my owl tee.  For starters, with skirts/dresses, and as always, with jeans: baggy, skinny, short, and long.  Very versatile this little owl is!!!

So, in this post I am talking about the season, neutrals, pops, and versatility.
Just in case you weren't paying attention! ; )

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