August 26, 2013


Blouse CAbi, Jeans True Religion, Shoes Katina's, Bag Material Girl, Glasses Prada, Jewelry Movado, lia

Today's post is something of an inspiration to me.  The fanny pack...Really?  I bought this for myself as a birthday present because I had a gift certificate to a store called Material Girl.  I have been seeing someone on another blog I follow wearing them, and to tell you the truth, I really like it on her.  I really like how they are more dressy than they used to be (or what I remember them to be).  I swear I think everything will come around again.  I guess there is only so much "new" you can do.  So, when I was in Material Girl I saw this one and decided to take a chance and use my cert. on it.

The above photos are the outcome.  The last photo below is the inspiration I drew from.
(click on that pic to see her blog)

This will also be great for the outlet mall opening in November!  Hands free!  We are getting an H&M too!  Finally, we won't have to drive anywhere because it all will be in our own backyard.  Elated!!!!!  


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