July 14, 2013

Sunday Musings: Too Real

Tee H&M, Jeans Mek, Shoes Katina's, Bag Kate Spade, Glasses Prada, Jewelry MK, lia, custom

This tee makes me laugh because I think it means something different than what I originally thought it meant.  Go figure ;)  I'm going to write about what drew me to it when I bought it.  Basically, to be true to yourself and to others.  I really do try to do that.  I know this little blog is not huge in the blog-sphere, but that's okay.  I am happy I can show my creativity through this little thing.  If you check me out from time to time I hope I put a smile on your face!  That's my goal!  "TOO" be "REAL" to myself and to my little group of readers that hopefully get me.  I'm glad I'm able to do just that!  Glad I'm able to show some styling and have a good laugh.  Too Real in life!  Not, Too Real in a physical sense!  Are you smiling?  I am!!!

Also, thanks Paet for letting me stage your swing set! : )

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