July 7, 2013

Sunday Musings: Just Really Casual!

Really Friday Casual

I did wear a variation of this to work, and can I tell you, this is really casual, even for me.  The collage makes it seem more fancy dancy than what I wore.  My hair that day was messy and I took off my sweatshirt to wrap it around my waist.  So, it seemed like a "weekend" feel.  I think it's cute for something like going to the grocery store on the weekend, but for work, I think not!  I did take pictures but the outfit was not blog worthy.  However, the collage...Definitely!

Since I'm able to wear jeans to work, I have to be careful that I do it tastefully, and not take it for granted.  I do try to do that!  On a different note, this kind of reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker.  Her casual outfits I've been seeing lately are super causal and just a little unusual.  It'll probably be all the rage next year, just watch!  Having unusual elements and just really casual!

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