July 1, 2013

Camo on Floral

Jacket old, Shirt Loft, Jeans Miss Me, Bag/Shoes MK, Glasses Prada, Jewels lia, MK, JCrew

For starters, I want to say that I saw the flower tank above at the Loft the other day for $4.99...What?  You better go get it cause it's stinkin' cute!

Then, I tried to buy the flower tank below.  When I put this outfit collage together I really liked it, but it was sold out.  Darn it!!!  I was gonna get this red camo jacket and tank, but no!  I usually don't do that, but this time for some reason I could not resist looking them up to possibly buy them.

I think the camo on floral combo is pretty!  The green/pink and the red/pink.  You can't go wrong in my opinion!  As always, a little denim helps to make the tops pop.

Camo on Floral

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