July 15, 2013


Tank Loft, Jeans Miss Me, Shoes Keen, Glasses Prada, Jewelry JCrew, lia, custom

I was told when wearing this that I look like I came right out of the 1960's.  I guess it's my round sunglasses, my tablecloth (lol) tank, my matte lipstick, and my super straight hair.  Yes, I did just have my hair done and man was it worth it!  Thanks Joy!  Don't leave ; )  Yep, I think my $4.99 tablecloth Loft tank is super adorable!  You've probably noticed I updated my side pic and my Facebook page again (I don't know, maybe you didn't).  This look is just real summery, so it's very appropriate, in my mind, for this time of year.

Just a few random thoughts because it's Monday for goodness' sake!

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