June 23, 2013

Sunday Musings: Boyfriend Shirt

Shirt (old), Jeans Miss Me, Shoes Katina's, Bag Dazzling Divas, Sunglasses Prada, Jewels lia, MK, custom

I thought I looked so cute... Then the wind was taken out of my sails.  "Really!  I know you are trying to be different but this is not a good look.  Too many patterns are going on here." said my Mom.  I had already taken the pics, and after she said that I had to do a double take.  I decided this is the only pic I liked.  I really do value her opinion.  Sometimes you need "your people" to help you out!
Thanks for saving me from myself   :  )

Very relaxed outfits, for a very relaxed Sunday!  Have a good one!!!

FYI, this is one of my favorites!  A big, comfy, boyfriend (or should I say hubby) shirt!

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