June 1, 2013

Saturday at Home: Hello

Hat Katins'a, Tee Dress Barn, Jeans Joe Jeans, Shoes Loft, Sunglasses Coach, Jewelry MK, lia

Kind of funny, but I got the same reaction from two girlfriends wearing this.  They both said, "Hello!"  Meaning, do you ever sparkle on a Saturday.  We just hung out and I was told, "I hope you know we are not going out." Give me a break sometimes people.  I just like to feel put together.  This outfit did just that while hanging low on a Saturday with a glass of wine and a movie.  Perfect!  Sequins and all : )

Do you like my grey background?  What if all trees, grass, shrubs, were grey?  Nope don't think so, but to give the photos a little dimension...Why not?

Happy Weekend!

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