June 11, 2013


Hat Target, Tank Miss Me (Katina's) Jeans Big Star, Shoes Steve Madden, Bag MK, Sunglasses Prada,
Jewelry JCrew, lia, CWonder, MK

I know that my outfit above is more teal, while my outfit below is more navy.  I could not find my exact tank, so I settled for the navy blue one.  Equally cute, or even more so, don't ya think?  Sometimes when I put the renditions of my outfit in a collage I think they look better than what I'm wearing.  Other times, I like mine.

It just depends.  However, they're fun anyway!  This one though, goes to the collage ; )

Another thing.  I know the top photo is an Instagram from a while back and I'm just now posting it.  I just felt more passionate about other posts before this one, I guess...


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