May 15, 2013

The Good Life: My Blog's Name

Sweater CAbi, Sweatshirt JCrew, Jeans Miss Me, Boots Frye, Jewelry lia sophia

Okay, here we go again!  A link up for "The Good Life".  This week's topic is "how did you pick your blog's name?"  I think mine is kind of obvious.  I wanted to do a blog about style.  I particularly wanted to do my style.  I know I can go onto all of these websites and pick pictures of the current trends and the happenings from all over the world, but I truly wanted to focus on the fashion far less mentioned.

The fashion that usually goes unnoticed.

With that in mind, I do feel that I have a different kind of look.  Not to say mine is any better than anyone else's, I just think mine is out of the ordinary.  That's why I put "Normal" in quotes.  My style is really pretty normal in the fact that I primarily wear jeans.  However, I feel it's not normal in the way I put the pieces together.  For instance, skinny jeans are all the rage right now.  To be honest, I hate skinny jeans! I do wear them from time to time, but mainly stick to my baggy jeans.  I love my jeans with a cuff, with boots under them, which is different than wearing boots over jeans (like everyone does).  I am also not a fan of high heels.  I do like them when done properly (very flattering) but for the life of me I just can't walk in them.  It bugs me too when you see people that wear them but shouldn't.  I do love a wedge heel though!  I know it's little minor details but it's details like this which make me feel a little less normal in the fashion world.

In turn, it lead me to the name:  My "Normal" Style

Who's to say what's normal and what is "normal"

I just do my thing!
I just hope the people who browse my postings from time to time find it interesting and uplifting, since I do try to stay positive.  That's my goal!

Again, use this link below to scroll through some blogs who also linked up with the Nebraska Bloggers Connect to talk about their blog names.  If you want to link up with us, by all means everyone is welcome!

Thanks again to Kelsey and Suzi for starting these awesome link ups!
I enjoy reading all of them!


Shelly said...

I like it! It's you being the real you. You are always well put together and yet you look comfortable! Love it!

Shelly@ MinettesMaze

Kadi said...

Thanks so much!

Suzi @ chores and chandeliers said...

Sorry I'm so slow at commenting on last weeks post! I'm so glad you have joined in on the fun!! I hope to see you again this week. This weeks theme is "your top 5 must visit blogs".

And once again I LOVE your style. It's so comfortable yet stylish!!!! Your blog name is very fitting!!!!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I love any girl who loves pearls! So happy I found your blog! I dig it =)

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