May 9, 2013

My Closet to Yours: SnakeSkin Heels

You're in luck if you're a size 7.  These babies are pretty awesome!  I got them at the Loft and they have never been worn.  So, you're wondering why I'm parting ways.  Well, I just don't wear high heels.  I try and try but I can never seem to get out the door in them.  These actually do have a thicker heel, so they are a little easier to walk in, but I still can not.  My misfortune is to your benefit.

Remember, all you have to do is like my Facebook page (click here) and comment under this posting.

Pretty easy!

Please make sure your comments are pleasant and light.  Basically, be nice!  : )
However, they can be about anything on your mind: kids baseball, the sky, these shoes, something you're looking forward to, or whatever...

Good Luck!

Also, they will be delivered in a pretty package!  Who doesn't like to get a pretty package with something fun in it on your front porch stoop?  Not many, I'm sure!

If you're not a size 7 but know someone who is, please share!
Sorry, US Only

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