April 16, 2013

Pink Overcast

Hat Katina's, Sweater/Shirt CAbi, Jeans Miss Me, Shoes Ugg, Jewelry lia, Sunglasses Prada

Isn't the saying below so true?  Almost to a fault.  It seems lately that everything, and everybody, are continually changing (or evolving).  Seems to me that everyone wants to be on the cutting edge.  Now, just when I am getting used to something, they change it...and as they say, "Make it better!"  Really, is that what you think you're doing?

I guess I try to too!  Like my background on this post.  It's funny how even the houses have a pinkish hue.  I have a couple more things up my sleeve in the near future.  I guess I am also to blame.  Although, I'm not on the cutting edge of the world, just on my little spot of the couch.  : )
Pink Overcast

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