April 25, 2013

My Closet to Yours: Green & Gold

Sweatshirt CAbi, Tee Loft, Jeans Big Star, Shoes (old), Bag MK, Sunglasses Dillards for only $5,
Jewelry MK, Loft, lia

I am starting a new series on My "Normal" Style and I'm calling it "My Closet to Yours".  I usually do a sale around this time of year and sell my clothes that I am tired of, but not this year.  I have decided to give them away on my blog.  I am going to post one, two, or maybe three items that you have the chance to get for absolutely free.  YaY!!!  There will be no cost to you.  I am even going to pick up shipping.  Pretty easy!  Right?  All you have to do is like my Facebook page and comment under the current post for "My Closet to Yours".  So, you're wondering what am I giving away today?  Well, the two pieces that I am giving away are the sweatshirt and tee combo.  It won't be the sweatshirt in the above pictures, but the one below.  Equally cute!!!  See the picture below for the exact combo.

All you have to do is:  Click here to like my Facebook page.  Then enter a comment under Green & Gold.  I will leave it open for a week and then pick someone randomly or maybe because I liked the comment.  The comment doesn't have to be about me either.  It can be about how funny your kids are being today or whatever.  The garments will always be in great condition and will be washed and presented nicely.  I hope you or someone you love would like some nice, gently worn clothing just because I am over them.  It's always fun to get a package in the mail.  Don't ya think?

This is my way of giving back!  

Sorry US only

This collage shows an option of styling.
Green & Gold

These are the two pieces that I am giving away...  Happy commenting!  Remember, the comments don't need to be about me.  They can be about how beautiful you think the sky is today or whatever!

Whatever they may be, please just be pleasant.

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