April 29, 2013

It's not Easy being Green

Coat Old Navy, Tee Miss Me (Katina's), Jeans Miss Me, Shoes Keens, Bag Brighton (Von Maur),
Hat Mom gave it to me, Sunglasses Prada, Watch MK

I have to say, which I know I've said before, that I love the army green color and camouflage.  Together, separately,  it doesn't matter.  It's not like it's all that new of an idea.  It's been around for years and years and years.  It seems it's that way with a lot of the classics.  Once something works, it just sticks.

My background:  It kind of looks like a storm is approaching.  When they say the sky looks green, take cover.  However, it's never actually this green.  It's that time of year though...severe storms!  One thing I hate about spring!  I like rain and thunder but not to keen on tornadoes.  Gives me anxiety just thinking about it!

On a less anxiety causing note, this is how I wore my coat in the past...

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