April 14, 2013

Friday's Fashion

Coat Loft (old), Sweatshirt JCrew, Jeans Miss Me boyfriend, Boots Frye, Sunglasses Escada,
Jewelry MK, lia sophia

Believe me, I know it's Sunday, but this is what I wore Friday nite to dinner.  We had a very lovely time, my hubby and I.  Anyway, on to the outfit:  I thought it seemed like a Sunday look.  An embellished sweatshirt, a pair of comfy jeans, and some classic boots seems more relaxed than a Friday nite out.  However, I live in Nebraska where anything goes...the fancy, the casual, and everything in between.  I did not look out of place at all.  This is my Friday or should I say, my weekend Fashion.

Happy Sunday!

Oh by the way, it's still freezing here!

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