April 18, 2013

Dressing for Dinner

Hat Katina's last year, Sweater Mesh, Dress VonMaur last year, Shoes Dazzling Divas last year, 
Bag Kate Spade, Jewelry unknown ring, MK, Sunglasses Prada

This is why I don't wear outfits like this.  When we went out, I got so many comments like, "why are you so dressed up?" and "you're in a dress?"  I don't even think this is really dressed up.  I think it's pretty casual.  For starters, I have on a hat!  Then, to finish, flip flops!

Stick around for tomorrow's weekly obsession.  I have a person whom I love their style.  She's pretty awesome, so check back to catch a glimpse!  I think she may be a model...  : )

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