April 15, 2013

Decorative Designs

Sweater Loft, Skirt worn as shirt CAbi, Jeans Big Star, Shoes Free People (Ella Moss),
Bag Brighton, Jewelry Mesh, lia sophia, custom

Since I don't wear skirts, I love wearing them as little tanks.  Whomever thought of this, I think it is genius!  For me, they usually are the same size, whether I wear them on the top or bottom.  So, some day (very soon) I will be able to wear them as skirts.  It's my mission!!!  I also think they hit just right on my hips when wearing them as tops.  It gives my outfit a "flowy" feel, which we all know I love!

I will probably wear this outfit (minus the sweater) this summer.  It seems great for a day in the heat too!

Also, I think the patterns coordinate very well.  Hence the name, "Decorative Designs"

Decorative Designs

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