April 22, 2013

A Day in The Good Life: dressed up & laid back

Sweater CAbi, Flannel JCrew (old), Jeans Big Star (old), Shoes Guess (Younkers),
Bag Brighton (Von Maur), Sunglasses Escada, Jewelry lia, MK,JCrew

I recently became aware of Nebraska Bloggers Connect and thought to myself, finally, some bloggers in Nebraska.  Sometimes I think I am the only one.  Now I know I'm not.  We are doing a link up today with the topic being about "Nebraska, a day in the good life".  I never really get too personal on my blog, but I figured I could talk about my home town through my outfit.  Here it goes:

Dressed up and laid back is really how feel about my Nebraska roots.  I have lived here my whole life (pretty much) and would not trade it for anything.  Maybe because I know no different, but ignorance is bliss.  Right?  I can run around town in an outfit like this for any of my doings.  Whether it be hanging with my hubby or shopping at my favorite stores.  I say it like this because he hardly ever does the latter.  Nebraska is my home and it's where most of my favorite people are.  I would not trade it for anything.

Sometimes a simple life is just perfect!  

For those of you that would like to join the link up, use the button on my side bar to join us Nebraska bloggers. Or, this one for the Facebook page.

Here's to Nebraska, A Day in The Good Life!

Oh yeah, secretly, I even love the weather.  The cold winter, this late spring, and I can not wait until Fall.  I am a warm blooded person.

Enough about me (personally).  Now, let's talk about the outfit...

Although the above outfit is mainly blue/brown, and the collage is mainly rust/brown, you get the drift.  Either way, it works in my opinion.  A long sweater, flannel, ripped jeans, some cute little bow flips flops, etc, etc, etc...you get the idea.  I like to do things out of the ordinary, so pairing the sweater and flannel is a little different I think.  But, cute!  What do you think?

dressed up & laid back


Kelsey said...

LOVE THIS!! The outfit looks perfect for a Saturday run-around Lincoln, stopping at South Pointe, running over to Target and then rushing across town to pick something else up. Thanks for linking up! Just enter the code "NBC" to get the Tractor Sized ad free! :)

Suzi @ chores and chandeliers said...

I love your approach! SO FUN! and I LOVE your outfit!!!!!
Thanks for linking up!!!!

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