March 29, 2013

Weekly Obsession, the jagged edge

Jeans Rock Revival (I got them at Katina's on sale)

As mentioned earlier this week, my diy project on a snow day.  For the jagged edge:

1. measure and pin to exact length on each side
I measured down the inside seam of the jean right to my ankle then transferred that measurement to the other side and remember, measure twice and cut once because once it's cut, it's cut

2. then cut

3. use a razor blade to make little horizontal slashes around the bottom
(do multiple rows  up to an 1 1/2" not just right at the bottom)

4. I cut up vertically the outside of the leg hem to give it a little something else

5. sew about an inch horizontally so it won't continue up the leg

6. make sure to put them in the wash with a towel and dry them the with the towel
(maybe a couple times to make them really fray)
(remember what I said...the more times they get washed and dried the better they look)

7. voila "the jagged edge"

See below for the completed look...

As you may already know, I love a dressy/distressed feel.  These jeans were just too dressy, so I made the hem distressed for the perfect my opinion!!!

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