March 8, 2013

Weekly Obsession, beanie baby

Outfit 1:  Beanie Neff, Sweater Mesh, Jeans Mek, Boots Ugg, Sunglasses Prada,
Lips Mac Candy Yum-Yum
Outfit 2:  Beanie Neff, Shirt Katina's,TN JCrew Jeans 7fam, Shoes Ugg, 
Jewerly MK, Togs, Sunglasses Coach

Digging the beanie and loving the neon pink/maroon of these two.  It makes any day a whole lot brighter or darker.  Literally!  It takes an "okay" outfit to an outfit worth doing a double take.  The pink one starts to bring spring out a little.  Are you feeling it yet?  Spring fever, that is!  The maroon beanie is a great transition from winter to spring.  Oh, by the way, I have matching lipsticks for both of these...Too Fun!

Beanie Baby

Beanie Baby

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