March 11, 2013


Hat (old), Jacket VonMaur Men's Dept, Tee (old), Jeans Mek, Shoes Ugg
Bag Kate Spade, Jewelry lia, H&M, MK

Well, kind of tomboyish... 

Along those same lines, it seems like when I was younger I wore tons of make-up.  Eye liner (top and bottom lids), heavy eye shadow, but not really a base (and still don't).  I did wear blush though, and had some type of lip on.  It seems now that I am older, I hardly wear any.  I have, and always will, wear mascara, but I rarely wear eye shadow anymore.  I put on a little blush, mascara, a lip, and then call it good.  I know, you would think it would be in reverse.  Lots of make-up now and none when I had youth on my side.  I guess there is something to be said about getting older and being more secure with yourself.
Can't change it, so why try! hard!


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