March 21, 2013

Positively Plaid

Jacket Von Maur Men's dept, Shirt Eddie Baurer, Jeans old, Shoes DSW, Bag MK,
Jewelry CWonder, lia sophia, Togs, MK

Finally, bare ankles!  I am kind of over my Ugg boots and heavy stuff on my feet.  Me over my Uggs?  Yeah right!  Just my winter Uggs.  I am ready for my Ugg sandals I got last year, and flip flops, and my toes painted, and some color on my skin.  Yep, you figured it out! 

Me, who loves winter, is ready for spring!

Sometimes making little changes in your wardrobe will help with the winter blues.  Just add something simple like a bare ankle.  A great transition from now to whenever spring will arrive.

I bet you thought I was gonna talk about my plaid shirt...huh?

See below for my varsity jacket being re-mixed

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