March 25, 2013


Hat old, Jacket Converse, Tee Anthro, Jeans Miss Me, Boots Frye, Bag MK, 
Jewelry JCrew, lia, custom, Sunglasses Escada

I am trying a different approach lately on this little, ole blog of mine.  I am wearing all of my older clothes because I really want to.  I need to wear out what I have before it all goes out of style.  I am also only putting together outfits that I really love, and feels more like "me".  I think sometimes we can look at how other people dress and try to copy them.  Sometimes though, it's best to just do what you feel comfortable in.  It's a trial and error type of thing!  We all have bad "personal" days.  Whether it be our hair, our outfits, our emotions, or our bodies.  For many of us this happens monthly, weekly and sometimes daily.  My blog (me) is no exception.  I know not everyday (outfit) is perfect, because nothing is.

Bottom line, I'm trying to get back to what I really love.  My "Normal" Style

Have a great week!  And, try not to have a bad...any one of those...days!

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