March 26, 2013

Cargo Chic

Coat, Tee Old Navy, Jeans Big Star(diy), Shoes old, Sunnies Prada, Jewelry MK, lia, Jcrew

I love a great Army green look.  My camouflage shoes are not new, but I love them season after season.  The coat and tee I got a great deal on at Old Navy.  I have been wearing the heck out of them.  Great staples they are!  My mom hems all of my jeans and she did this pair also.  They were still a bit too long when she was done and instead of us redoing them, I just cut 'em off.  I did this on a "snow" day a couple of weeks ago.  Stay tuned because my weekly obsession this Friday is a diy project I did on another pair of jeans on this same "snow" day.  I must have been bored!!!

Sometimes I am just into easy.  So, when in doubt, have a fray edge to change it up.
Also, the more times they get washed and dried, the better they get!!!

Cargo Chic

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