February 19, 2013

Sequins & Silver

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It seems that whenever I wear boots over jeans, I don't really like it.  For some reason, I like short jeans (rolled up or just shorter in length) over my boots.  I hate it when by the end of the day my jeans bunch at the knees.  How do you keep that from happening?  Yes, I would love some advice!  I know I can do a tighter jean, but my rear is just a little too curvy.  So, then what?  The only reason I like my above look is because of my long sweater covering my slouchy knees.  It's not so noticeable then!

Do you think it looks funny for knees to be bunchy and all stretched out?  Or do you not care and just go with it?  I know, trivial!

Now, let me clarify.  I don't mind baggy knees when I have on my Uggs or slouch boots, but when I have on a nice tailored boot (like my Frye or these) it bugs me!  Like I said, trivial!

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