January 10, 2013

Winter Blues

Sweater Loft, Tank CAbi, Bag Kate Spade, Sunglasses $5 find at Dillards, Jewelry lia, custom

I found this cute little Kate Spade bag at Von Maur on sale.  My thought was "how cute will this be for some color these winter months."  Also, I was told by a very good source that I am carrying my mustard Michael Kors bag too much in my pictures.  She said it seems like this is the only purse I own, which is not true.  It's just my current one that I am carrying.  I did, however, take her little piece of advice and got another one to rotate in.
Oh darn!  Right?

I have noticed that my outfits, as of late, are pretty pale and neutral.  I think this is why I love to add color in my accessories.  I don't do colored jeans, so I'll do colored bags.  A good compromise!!!
I hope she likes this one... : ) ...

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