January 25, 2013

Weekly Obsession, CAbi spring 2013

These are some of my favs of the spring line.  I am digging the 70's vibe.  The two piece jumpsuit has my name all over it for summer.  The third picture is what I would love to rock on any given day.  Now, the ankle booties.  I wish I could wear them with shorts, but I highly doubt it.  I like it regardless!!!  Finally, I always like to get a new tank and I think the last image will be it.  I am even pondering that this will be part of my outfit for my new "girl" to update my logo.  Just thinkin'!

I'm not always a fan of the whole line, at first.  I seem to like five to six pieces.  After a little time, I always find myself enjoying more pieces than not.  I swear my closet would be all CAbi if I let it.  I do like some variety though.  I should sell it, you may say.  Well, not now anyway, but maybe one day.  That is if they would let me!


Peggy said...

I'm loving the spring line too and going to my first spring party on saturday! I love the mint jeggings and ruby jeans and a million other things! CAbi fit is great!

Kadi said...

I would love to see those ruby jeans on you. Let me know if you do a post with them!

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