January 1, 2013

The Hubby Effect

Jacket JCPenney(gift), Sweatshirt stole from my hubby, Jeans Joe Jeans, Shoes Under Armor,
Bag Michael Kors, Jewelry lia sophia
You know that I usually don't do two posts in a day, but this cracks me up.  I was getting ready and my hubby said "will you please put on a sweatshirt today for our errands we have to run?"  So, I went looking in my closet and you know what?  I don't own a sweatshirt!  He then came to my rescue.  He said, "here, wear this sweatshirt, put on your pink coat you got for Christmas, and throw on these tennies!"  I did add my turquoise ring and bag, but voila, my hubby styled me this day!  I think it's pretty cute and boy am I comfy!
He never ceases to amaze me!!!  Love you!

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