January 29, 2013

Ready * Set * Go

Jacket Dress Barn, Arm Warmers/Tank CAbi, Jeans Rock Revival 2nd hand store, Boots Ugg,
Bag Michael Kors, Jewelry lia, JCrew

So, this is the top.  It's kind of nice to have all of our family in one place and not scattered all over our home.  Their photos that is (ha)!  It gives it a clean, yet unusual design for organizing our photos.  Check out the bottom of the staircase in yesterday's rambling..."Bright Blues"

On to the outfit.  The faux leather jacket I got at Dress Barn, which is a place I never shop.  However, when I was in there I found this jacket and a sequin shirt that are pretty neat.  Goes to shows ya, you never know what you may find and where.  In these stills, I was getting ready to leave (probably to go shopping) so I had to put on my layers.  Love layers!  I am showing my ritual of how I head out the door.  Outfit, check...Jewelry, check...Jacket, check...Bag, check...Looking to have a fun afternoon, fabulous!!!

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