January 31, 2013

Covered in White

Sweater gift, Belt CAbi, Jeans Big Star, Shoes Loft, Sunglasses Dillards, Watch/Bag Michael Kors,
Jewelry JCrew, Maria Rivolta

I love how this looks with all the white behind it.  It really makes my outfit pop!

My view on sequins during the day:  If you have the opportunity, do it!  It's never a bad thing to have a little sparkle in your day.  I was going to wear this on New Year's Eve, but we didn't go out.  I then wore it to work the following week.  I honestly felt really special with my sparkly top on all day!

Covered in White


Anonymous said...

LOVE the sweater! What brand is it or where can I find it?


Kadi said...

I got it around Christmas time at JCPenney. I'm not sure if it is still available that's why I didn't put what brand. Maybe on sale rack by now though. Check it out! Thanks...

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