January 1, 2013

Burgundy Blue

Jacket/Shoes H&M, Shirt(old) JCrew, Jeans Mek, Jewelry lia sophia, Charming Charlie
Happy New Year!  I think this year will be like last.  I'll try to improve with little changes, in my blog and my person.  No real resolution, just to be a good person in general.  In the past, I have quit a few things.  The typical vices many of  us have or have had like smoking, and drinking too much caffeine...it's been seven years since I've had either.  Major accomplishment in my eyes.  Now it's time to move forward and work on all the other things that go along with quiting those...if you know what I mean?  Just a little misconception:  I am not anymore tired now not drinking caffeine then I was when I drank it.  Just sayin'!  Really all I want is to be healthy (and happy)!  Isn't that what we all want to some degree?!?!

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