December 14, 2012

Weekly Obsession, velvet

I've had this picture of Nicole Richie for a while now.  I have been saving it for this time of year.  The holidays are upon us and I think velvet is the way to go.  My version, of course, is more relaxed while Nicole's, is more flamboyant.  Mine is perfect for a day of shopping, which is exactly what I did.  Nicole's is more for that holiday party you've been waiting to impress at. 

My velvet shirt is actually really old.  My mom purchased it a few years back.  This past spring my mom and I had an upscale clothing sale, and this was one piece I kept.  When we did this sale, I would put together outfits so that everyone could see how different items go together.  As stuff was purchased, I would then rearrange combos.  It was really fun!  This shirt was one thing I could not let go of.  Everytime I changed its look, I loved it!  So, needless to say, it's now mine.  Just goes to show ya that everything comes around again.
Perfect for the holidays! 

Hope you are enjoying the season!

...a day of shopping...

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