November 30, 2012

Weekly Obsession, "ugg"ly

Vest Gap Outlet, Sweatshirt JCrew, Shirt CAbi, Jeans True Religion, Gloves/Boots Ugg,
Bag Michael Kors, Sunglasses Maria Rivolta, Jewelry lia sophia

I was reading an article on the Huffington Post (see here) about how people have "turned away" from Uggs.  It states that with the prices continually going up, it has "turned shoppers off."  I guess I kind of agree.  Every time I go and look at them, they seem to be $20-$50 more than last year.  I would love a new pair of black slippers but with the price increase, I probably won't buy them this year until after Christmas, assuming they go on sale. 

It also says that they may have "fallen out of fashion", which I don't agree with.  I LOVE my Ugg boots/accessories and I don't think they are "Ugg"ly.  I will never get rid of them and I'll tell you why...Years ago when Dr Martens were all the rage, I had several pairs.  They were all still in good condition when I donated or whatever I did with them (I can't remember).  Now look, they are back in style.  I wish I had my army green ones again!  This is why I will never pass my Uggs on, because they will come around again!  To be honest, I'm not over them anyway, but when I am...they will have a special little place in my closet for when they come back in style.  I have learned my lesson!

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