November 21, 2012

See you next week!

Scarfs CAbi, Sweater JCrew, Shirts Katina's and Loft
Twilight Outfit: Shirt Eddie Bauer, Sweater Gap, Jeans Joe Jeans (old), Shoes Ugg, Jewelry custom, JCrew
I am taking a little break through the holiday.  With Thanksgiving and Black Friday, who has time to post anything?  There will be too much eating, shopping, and spending time with family.  Maybe a post on Sunday...maybe.  Hope you get some time off too!
I am leaving you with some instagram photos.  My outfit that I wore for the last Twilight movie (insert sad face here), my scarfs from CAbi (limited editions), my outfit I will be wearing tomorrow (yes, I will be wearing jeans too), and we all know, you can't have it all (the sweater)!
Enjoy the holiday everyone!!!!

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