November 5, 2012


Jacket/Tee CAbi, Jeans Big Star, Shoes DSW, Sunglasses DVF, Jewelry lia, Katina's, Michael Kors
This sweater has a sophisticated, well put together, look.  The jeans, shoes, tee, and jewelry make this outfit feel playful.  After work this day I hit the town for some relaxing retail therapy.  When I was out I had a lady stop me and start talking to me about my look and make-up.
I thought that was pretty cool because it was out of the blue. 
If you were to look up all the pieces individually of the outfit below, it would be $2000 + for everything.  My outfit above is less than that by far.  Can you tell?  If you didn't know, I don't think you would know...if you know what I mean?

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